Trick Shot Tournaments

There are a few trick shot tournaments or artistic pool tournaments held around the world. One of the most famous trick shot tournaments is Trick Shot Magic with eight international trick shot stars competing for a 40,000 prize in this year’s competition. Other tournaments include the World Artistic Pool Competition, World Cup of Trick Shots, and the South American Trick Shot Competition.

Trick shot Magic is televised on ESPN and will be held from October 1-2. The tournament will showcase twenty artistic shots in each match. Each player will be allowed to demonstrate a challenge shot as well which their opponent will have to duplicate or loose a point.

Each match pits two opponents against each other in a head to head battle where each competitor takes turn performing a shot. In the event of a tie players will have to perform a tie breaker shot where they must bank the cue ball eight times onto the face of a $100 bill. This shot has been used as a tie breaker two times and has been made famous by the Trick Shot Magic competition.

Players in the Trick Shot Magic tournament are only allowed to use three shots from the same skill category. There are eight categories of shots including the 1-handed jump, jump, masse, speed, stroke, wing, juggling, and miscellaneous for shots that do not fit into any category.

In the Trick Shot Magic tournament 150 shots are selected for the shot program that each player can choose from. Players are also allowed to submit up to four shots of their own that can be added to the shot program and used in the tournament. The shots must be diagramed and must contain a prop of some kind.

Artistic pool tournaments are great fun to watch as pool professionals make amazing shots and show off their skills. Each year the Trick Shot Magic is broadcasted on ESPN along with other trick shot tournaments throughout the year.