Trick Shot Basics

A trick shot in pool is a shot that is played in which something amazing or seemingly impossible happens with the billiard balls and sometimes other props. Trick shots are played mostly on pool tables but sometimes are preformed on snooker tables as well. Professional pool players as well as amateurs who specialize in trick shots often take part in organized competitions known as artistic pool which allows them to show off their trick shot skills by performing standard trick shots as well as making up new ones. To perform these tricks requires planning your shot.

The object of the game of pool and the object of trick pool shots are essentially the same; to pocket balls (or make them end up in the destination you choose) by controlling the direction of the cue ball and how it hits the other balls. Unlike the game of pool, however, trick shots allow you to set up the layout of the balls before you take your shot. This makes for some very interesting and challenging shots involving ball placement.

You need a good understanding of the basic pool physics as well as a steady hand and a good stroke to excel in the game of billiards as well as with trick shots. You also need a lot of patience and a willingness to learn if you want to become good at trick pool shots.

Trick shots usually use a cue ball, one or more billiard balls, and a cue stick like other billiard games. Some trick shots also require props unlike other billiard games which may include drinking glasses, bottles, baskets, ball racks, coins, cue chalk, money, and other items that may or may not be related to pool.

The props used for trick shots and in artistic pool function to make the shot more difficulty, add aesthetic value, or to give the shooter a place to aim or final destination for the ball. Specialized cue sticks are available for performing particular types of shots such as jump shots and mass├ęs which many artistic billiards pros use. Many people love to watch players execute trick shots and some people make a career of performing these amazing feats with billiard balls.