The Best Horse Stall Choices For Your Ranch Or Farm

Every proud horse owner wants the best of the best when it comes to the living quarters for their horse. After a long days stroll, you’re going to want to hang up the saddle and bridal, and leave your four-legged friend in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. When going out getting a new stall, try to remember, A horses stall might as well be its bedroom, after all, most horses who sleep in stalls will spend up to 1/3 of their life in that stall.


The best horse stable to choose for your farm or ranch is going to depend on a few, vital factors: What breed you are going to be housing in these stalls. Larger breeds like the Tennessee Walkers or The Paso are going to need higher up barriers, as well as more square footage. A smaller breed such as an Arabian or Shetland Pony will not require as much room, nor will it need the higher up doors or barriers. Also, you’ll want to consider how many horses will be kept in the stall you will be installing. If you’re a breeder, you might want a large roomy stall for your dam and her philly during birth. Or if you are going to be housing large numbers of horses, you may want simple, bare essential stalls for maximum housing capacity.


Depending on your plans, there are plenty of horse stable options on the market, available in many different variations. Whether you already have a barn built on your property, and you’re looking to install stalls or you’re starting from scratch and looking for maximum customization, your selection of options is nearly limitless. Also, there are many metal, and wood stalls available at a range of prices, efficiently effecting your budget when you pick out your new stalls.


When it comes to picking the best stall for you, be sure to consider what variation of the stall would be the best choice for you and your horse. One of these variations is the Single Loose Box type stall for the inside of your barn. In this variation of stabling, the horse will have its own stable in the building, a box normally will have a rear exiting gateway opening outwards, giving the horse access to a paddock or loose, group stall. This stable can also be constructed as a single stand alone unit, with gateways to a paddock. This variation provides independent sleeping quarters with the freedom of a paddock for grazing and exercise. Attached paddock is, of course, optional.


Group Loose boxes are another choice many horse owners utilize for boarding of their horses. There are multiple types of loose boxes. Group Loose boxes will gives your horses the ability to live a social environment. Giving the horses more contact when building a herd can be vital to herd development. Single stable loose boxes are another choice to consider when choosing the best stall for you. These boxes are multi-horse, single unit stalls that normally have full faced gates on the front with no access to a paddock or grouping areas. Loose boxes, like any stable, can be constructed to suit the rancher’s liking. These custom designed horse stalls would be best for breeders.


A tie stall can make organization and control of your horse’s simple, as well as making it easiest to watch over your herd. A big part of having tie stalls is to be sure your horse gets the exercise it needs so it won’t have to face the ill effects of being tied off in close quarters. Being tied off for too long, too often, without the ability to move around can cause joint, leg and foot problems leading to colic. This is a wonderful option for horses that have pastures to graze and roam all day. Tie stalls are an excellent choice for the rancher on a budget, also giving the rancher the ability to maximize his or hers herd without the huge facility to contain loose stalls.